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As one would expect from an aluminum railing company, railing encompasses most of the conversation on the Superior Aluminum website and social channels. However, there is one aspect of aluminum railing which is rarely discussed: how exactly railing projects come to be. What does the process look like for an aluminum railing system, say on a nursing home, look like? Today, the curtain is peeled back as together we discover how an idea for railing eventually becomes a beautifully installed, completed project. 

Initial Actions

Once an individual or business decides they are ready to add railing to their home or project, they should utilize the Superior Aluminum Where to Buy tool and find a Superior sales partner. Once you have established a local partner, a quick sketch with measurements is all you really need! In our nursing home example below, the interested party submitted a quick sketch outlining the dimensions and terrain of the project. In cases where projects are more complex, blueprints can be submitted and Superior will take it from that point forward. 

At this point, the expert quotations team at Superior Aluminum generates a project quote and passes it along to the Superior sales partner for delivery to the customer. Should the price be accepted, the Superior team of CAD engineers gets to work creating a scaled drawing of the project. The drawing will include full details regarding product type, dimensions, rise and fall, and finish, to be once again confirmed by the appropriate party. Once the drawing is approved, production of the nursing home railing project begins. Below you can see the second phase of our nursing home example…. all created based upon the original simple sketch. 

Production Stage

Once drawings have been approved, the project is released to the shop floor for production. For our nursing home project example, the drawing and order details will be directed to the Superior Aluminum square post railing department. Once there, our expert product team will prepare the project’s materials and fabrication methods required for assembly. Finally, full assembly will take place based upon the specific dimensions spelled out in the CAD drawings. Here we can see one of the experienced Superior team members assembling one of the railing sections for our nursing home project.

After the entire project has completed fabrication, it is delivered to the jobsite in assembled pieces (or in some cases picked up at the factory). At the jobsite, either the general contractor or a Superior Aluminum installer partner anchors the project. Once installed, the final step of the process is to take a step back and admire what has become of just a simple sketch… just like our nursing home ramp project pictured here:

Interested in participating in the railing process? Got a home or business that could use a simple yet elegant solution to guardrail or handrail needs? Please check out the Superior Aluminum Where to Buy tool, or you can Contact Us if you prefer!