Economy Picket Railing:
Series 6E

Superior Aluminum allows customers ample customization options with Series 6E Economy Picket Railing, allowing for a variety of tastes to be met. Twisted pickets and a variety of decorative scrolls aid in the personalization of each project.

Safety and custom design have always been at the top of the Superior priority list and that tradition continues with Residential Railing systems. Each project has been built with the same eye towards quality for the almost 60 year history of Series 6E Economy Picket Railing.

Best Used For:

  • Residential Applications
    • Porches
    • Decorative Deck Railing


Twisted Pickets

Twisted Pickets add an exclusive spin to a railing project.

Decorative Colums

Decorative Columns eliminate dull end posts and spruce up any space.


A wide variety of scrolls allows you to add your own touch to your residential railings or decorative columns.

Standard Finishes – Always Available




*Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface of aluminum into durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish. Please note that deviations are common among similar alloys with even greater deviations occurring among different alloys.

NOTE: Due to variations in individual monitor settings and calibrations, actual product colors may vary from those represented on this site. Color chip samples are available upon request – for more information, please contact us, or locate a representative.

Series 6D Decorative Ornamental Columns

Many projects aim to be unique and exciting, feats that typical round and square columns cannot always accomplish. For these scenarios, Superior Aluminum offers a full range of decorative aluminum columns. Ten unique designs, utilizing the same scrolls as our 6E Economy Picket Railing Series, can be seen above. These designs assure that no matter what type of project you are working with, from a quick renovation to a fresh and unique design; Superior Aluminum has a decorative column to match.

Decorative Ornamental Columns by Superior offer architectural interest in residential and small commercial spaces while still supplying the load-bearing support you require*. Columns are available in multiple size combinations utilizing different sizes of tubing as noted in the chart below. Each column design type is available** in both straight and corner configurations for your convenience.

*1 ½” square tubing columns (9” and 12”) load bearing at 2,500 lbs for flat applications and 6,500 lbs for corner applications

** Please note that Series 6D column styles 314/315, 316/317. 352/353, and 354/355 are subject to limited availability and stock. 


Tubing Size(s)

Standard Height

Color Availability
9″ 1 1/2″8′ or Custom Heights AvailableAll Series 6 Color Options
12″1 1/2″8′ or Custom Heights AvailableAll Series 6 Color Options

Assembly Instructions

Step Railing Kit Assembly Instructions


Level Railing Kit Assembly Instructions