Custom Gates

Superior Aluminum offers gates to create a closeable opening for each product line. When pieces are welded together, it eliminates the irritating rattling sound many gates eventually develop. All Superior gates are built to exact specifications, to create a finished product that will provide many years of impeccable entries and exits.

Custom sizes and lengths are offered with Superior Aluminum’s gates, based upon the exact size needs of the location. This cuts down on installation time and establishes a remarkable product for years to come.

Three different latch options are available to fit the specific needs of each project. Hinges are internally placed within the system to give you a flush look in order to maintain the aesthetic appeal of any location.

Along with a wide variety of design options, a large array of decorative scrolls and inserts all a gate to really become yours.

Best Used For:

  • Swimming Pools
  • Residential Backyards
  • Pedestrian Entryways
  • Athletic Venues
  • Controlled Access

Approved For:

Meets ICC requirements for swimming pool barriers in regards to height and picket spacing. Latch and hinge options available to ensure full compliance.


Gate Customization

Every gate is customized down to 1/16th of an inch to ensure the perfect fit.

Latch Options

All gates have multiple latch options provide flexibility for different applications.