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A few months ago, we talked about 13 Common PVC Column Wrap Terms and learned a lot of the terminology for this product in the column industry. Today, we will discuss three things to know about PVC Column Wraps and become even more educated on the topic!

Why use column wraps?

Oftentimes when homes, outbuildings, businesses, and other buildings are built, the porches, patios, and entryways have columns that serve as a structural support. These columns are typically made of wood, which as we’ve discussed before, is generally less expensive up front but has higher long-term costs (maintenance) than other materials. 

Wrapping a wood column with a more durable material, such as Cellular PVC or aluminum, is a great way to protect it from the elements. This makes the column last longer and require less maintenance over time, ultimately leading to a lower overall cost. The other added benefit is to improve the aesthetic of the column.

The column on the left is before a PVC column wrap was installed and the column on the right is after a PVC wrap was installed.

Why use PVC column wraps?

PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride, which is a synthetic plastic polymer that is becoming more popular in today’s building materials. This is because of its aesthetic appeal, cost-effectiveness, and low-maintenance requirements. 

In the past, PVC used to be looked down upon due to yellowing effects. However, materials and processes have improved significantly to make this no longer an issue.

An outbuilding with bright white PVC column wraps to protect the original wooden columns

How are PVC column wraps used?

The traditional method of wrapping a column in PVC starts with staves that are mitered to form a four-sided column wrap. The installer will glue the staves together at the corner seams and wrap them around the column. They then secure the wrap with bungee cords or other straps to hold the it together while the glue dries. This requires a trip back to the job the next day to remove the straps and clean up any glue or residue that made an appearance on the outside of the wrap.

You might be thinking, “Maybe there’s a better way to do this?” What if there was a PVC column wrap that made installation a SNAP?

If you’re interested in purchasing Cellular PVC wraps for columns on any of your projects, check out our offerings, or contact us today!