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The holiday season is upon us. With endless shopping, parties, baking, and decorating, the Christmas season is full of to-do lists. Today, let’s look at your front porch or outdoor balcony and how to decorate it to share Christmas cheer with your neighbors.

Outdoor column and balcony railings are the perfect vehicle to wrap your lights and garlands. It seems like an easy task, but here are a few dos and don’ts to make your outdoor light installation a breeze.

DO: Check your inventory of extension cords and measure your needed lengths.

There’s nothing more frustrating than an extension cord that is juuuust to short to reach your outlet. Make sure you have enough cords to cover your needs. When decorating outside, be sure to use an outdoor-rated extension cord.

DO: Check your lights!

Correction, there is REALLY nothing more frustrating than hanging your lights, finishing the porch, and then in a Clark Griswold-like grand reveal… *whomp whomp*. Your lights don’t turn on. Be sure to test each strand of lights in the warm house before you hang them up outside.

DO: Use your porch and house columns and railings to decorate your house

There’s no need to go overboard on silly Santa Claus inflatables in your front yard when you have perfectly good porch structures to decorate first. Use your aluminum railings and columns on your porch to wrap lights, garland, or other ornaments on. It’s safe, easy, and the HOA won’t fine you for excessive Christmas decorations.

DON’T: Use nails or tacks to secure lights

When hanging lights on an outdoor column or railing, you’ll need to secure the lights to the structure. Use plastic clips or zip ties to secure the lights to the railing or column. Avoid nails and tacks, as there is a risk of fire or electrocution by using metal materials with the wiring of the lights.

DON’T: Ignore safety precautions

When climbing ladders, dealing with electricity, or working in the cold, it is important to remember basic safety precautions. Don’t hang your lights when you’re home alone and avoid creating tripping hazards with your lights or cords.

DON’T: Be the Grinch

Most importantly, enjoy the season and share the holiday spirit with friends and family. Outdoor Christmas lighting can be tricky, but don’t let it frustrate you. Use these simple instructions to keep your outdoor lighting process stress-free.