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At Superior Aluminum Products, our commitment to our core values (The Superior Way) drives every aspect of our business. Today, we shine a spotlight on two of these guiding principles: Value #5: We strive to enact positive change and innovation, both as individuals and as a company and Value #6: We believe our work serves a higher purpose. These values not only influence our approach to manufacturing and customer service but also inspire our efforts to give back to our community.

Enacting Positive Change and Innovation

Our dedication to positive change and innovation is evident in our products, our operations, and our community service initiatives. We understand that innovation goes beyond product development and efficient operations—it’s about creating a meaningful impact in our community.

One of our proudest collaborations has been with Habitat for Humanity of Miami and Shelby Counties through Project Playhouse. This project allows us to combine our resources and creativity to build playhouses for children in need. Our team not only sponsors these playhouses but also volunteered to help build them, demonstrating our commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of local families.

In another significant project, we donated materials and provided labor training to Habitat for Humanity to restore a veteran’s house. This initiative highlights our belief in supporting those who have served our country, ensuring they have a safe and comfortable home. Our innovative approach to using high-quality, North American made materials ensures that these homes are not just restored but are also sustainable and long-lasting.

Serving a Higher Purpose

Our work at Superior Aluminum Products is guided by the conviction that what we do serves a higher purpose. This belief is reflected in our community service activities, which are designed to uplift and support those around us.

We recently had the privilege of restoring a bench for St. Remy Church, a place that holds significant value for many community members. This project allowed us to contribute to the preservation of a local landmark, ensuring it remains a welcoming space for reflection and prayer.

Looking ahead, we are excited to host our upcoming blood drive on August 7, 2024. This event highlights our commitment to addressing critical needs within our community. By encouraging our team and local residents to donate blood, we aim to make a difference in the lives of those who require life-saving transfusions.

A Unified Mission

Every project we undertake, whether it’s building playhouses, restoring homes, or supporting local landmarks, ties back to our core values. At Superior Aluminum Products, we believe that our work is more than just manufacturing—it’s about fostering innovation and enacting positive change while serving a higher purpose.

We invite you to join us on this journey, whether by participating in our community initiatives or by choosing Superior Aluminum Products for your next project. Together, we can create a better, more innovative, and compassionate world.