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According to Statista, the average amount of time that users spent on social media in the United State increased by about 18%, or 10 minutes per day as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.* Whether it was from being stuck at home with no commute, trying to learn new hobbies and DIY home improvements, or a slew of other factors, it is no surprise that users are spending more time online. What does this mean for those trying to gain business in the building products industry? Let’s discuss.

It is Marketing 101 to hang out where your customers are. It can be difficult to sell to someone when you are completely removed from the practice of thinking like them. There is a lot of value to be gained from spending time in online spaces where your ideal customers are hanging out. Whether you want to keep up on new trends, follow discussions about new products or problems in the industry or just hear direct feedback from your end users, social media is a powerful tool to get you in on the conversation. It is also worth noting that in 2022, many consumers expect all companies to have a social presence. That doesn’t mean you need to be creating content daily and posting with all of the latest trends, but you should be showing up regularly to promote your products or services, highlight trends in the industry, and show off your work. Not having a post on your Facebook or Instagram profile since 2014 can be more detrimental than you may think.

Speaking of showing off your work, one of the keys to social media is always using photo or video with your posts. We are a very visual society and as social media use rises, the need to be posting photos and videos is rising as well. Imagen says that visual content is 40 times more likely to get shared than all text content.** What does this mean? Grab some unique photos of past projects or create fun video clips that get attention. Show off how fun your company and products can be!

Now you may be thinking that you don’t have the time to keep up with the expectations for your company on social media, however, building and maintaining a presence does not actually have to take that much time. Carving out as little as half an hour each week to plan some posts could be a great asset to building your social media reputation. That being said, it can be a full-time job if you really want to commit to several platforms. Regardless of how much time you have to dedicate to it, there is tremendous value in building a social media presence. Start by posting some interesting photos and see what happens.

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