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Railings and beer. Two seemingly random and unrelated topics with wildly different demographics showing heavy interest in them, right? 

Since 2013, the number of craft breweries in the US has increased by over 100%*. Each of these facilities has a unique approach to design and layout, but many share a common theme: Leaving their tanks out in the open or allowing frequent tours as a way for brewers to share their passion. Unfortunately, one problem remains: how to allow this level of access without exposing materials, equipment, and customers to harm? Enter aluminum railing!

Finding the Right Brewery Barrier

With constant work taking place to brew countless different varieties of beer, brewers need a barrier that will allow workers easy access and safeguard patrons (and equipment) without presenting an aggressive deterrent. Many types of barriers exist and are used, from simple poles with chains, to caution tape, to complete walls. However, none of these really capture the essence of what many breweries are trying to capture without sacrificing the overall aesthetics. 

There is one barrier that can meet all of the needs outlined above, along with an added bonus of being low-maintenance and rust free: aluminum railing. This type of barrier offers a clean yet stylish way to achieve every goal associated with a brewery barrier. Oftentimes, aluminum railing such as this can be designed with functionality in mind. Multiple gates can be installed around the tanks for easy access. Meanwhile, sections of railing can be made quickly removable for the sake of easily placing their canning line. The removable railing is effortlessly re-installed for maximum efficiency. Pipe Railing is the most common choice for brewery settings as it matches the general aesthetic of the equipment. However, Cable Railing and Pipe Cable Railing are also wonderful choices for adding an extra bit of style to any taproom. 

The Superior Difference

Superior Aluminum offers a wide array of aluminum railing options perfect for brewery setting, including a durable Pipe Railing system. Each Superior railing system is pre-assembled based upon the specifications of the project. This allows for swift installation so your time can be spent on things like equipment placement, recipe sampling, and most importantly developing clever beer names!

If you have interest in a Superior railing system at your brewery, feel free to contact us here or give us a call at 937-526-4065. Happy brewing!

*Source: Brewers Association for Small and Independent Craft Brewers