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Would you like to explore the various customization options for your aluminum column needs? Column options can range from square and round to fluted, panel, and smooth. They can be further customized by choosing from different colors, various caps and bases, and so much more. Keep reading to identify some of the options available in making a column your own.

Tall, Sleek Cap/Base- A common offering in the column industry, this type of base goes by many different names, at Superior we call it a Savannah. The clean yet decorative nature of this style lends itself well to modern building trends that feature sleek exteriors and clean lines. In the past, this type of item has been used primarily as a column base, but has been trending more towards a full column cap and base option in modern design.

Narrow, Layered Cap/Base- One of the narrowest cap and base options, this is a favorite among customers that prefer to have a short cap and base that lets the column be the star of the show. This cap and base option can be used on square or round columns, as shown below. (We call this one the Doric, a relatively common name for it in the industry).

Tall, Layered Cap/Base- This cap and base option begins to get a little more decorative while still maintaining clean lines. The design is streamlined while providing a nice visual to keep the flow interesting to the eye. This option can be a cap or base for any square columns. (We call this one the Charleston).

Mid-Height Decorative Cap- This is one of the more decorative options that is only available as a cap. This design is often chosen for a more classical theme and can be used only on round columns. (We call this one the Scamozzi).

Tall, Decorative Cap- This is a popular choice among those looking for more of an ancient style that gives a very formal feel. A classic example where a Corinthian cap might be used is at a bank of when preserving the architectural style of an old building or home. This design is also only available as a cap and only for round columns. (We call this one the Corinthian).

Basic, Flat Cap/Base- Last but not least is the most basic cap and base which can be a reliable go-to for someone wanting to keep their columns simple and clean. It can be paired with a square or round column and has been used to keep a design looking sleek and smooth, or tone down the design on a fluted column. (We call this one the Standard).

Did you know that you can mix and match caps and bases to create your own unique design? See below for some photos of mix and matched caps/bases on columns.

This photo features a Charleston cap with a standard base.

Here is a Corinthian Cap and a Doric round base.

There are also several color options for your column projects as shown here.

Hopefully with all of these options you can see that by offering a variety of caps, bases, colors, and designs, Superior is able to customize any order to perfectly fit our customer’s needs. If you have additional questions about choosing the best columns for your project don’t hesitate to contact us and if you’re ready to start bringing your vision to life!