Meet Snap-Tite® PVC Column Wraps

An Installer's New Best Friend

Say goodbye to time-consuming, messy columns and meet Snap-Tite®. These patented, new PVC wraps guarantee you a hassle-free porch column installation to save you precious time on the jobsite.


“These columns simplified our process and allowed our team to save HOURS on wrapping the porch columns”

-Matthew Barker,
Habitat for Humanity

No Glue. No Mitering. No Hassle.

Save 30 minutes per column installation with Snap-Tite® PVC Column Wraps.

Why Snap-Tite®?

Install in under 10 minutes
Simple, snap-together assembly
Patented Design

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Snap-Tite PVC Column & Cap/Base Dimension Data

Snap-Tite Column Sizing Data

ColumnNominal DiameterOutside DiameterInside DiameterHeightWeight (LBS)PVC Thickness
6″ x 8′ PVC Wood/Smooth Column6″5-1/2″4-3/4″8′203/8″
6″ x 10′ PVC Wood/Smooth Column6″5-1/2″4-3/4″10′243/8″
8″ x 8′ PVC Wood/Smooth Column8″7-1/2″6-3/4″8′253/8″
8″ x 10′ PVC Wood/Smooth Column8″7-1/2″6-3/4″10′313/8″
*The above data only applies to Superior Aluminum Snap-Tite PVC Columns. Other PVC Column data may differ.

Snap-Tite PVC Column Cap/Base Data

Cap/BaseNominal DiameterOutside DiameterHeightWeight (LBS)
6″ Parkway6″10-1/4″2-1/4″.35
8″ Parkway8″12-1/4″”3″.45
6″ Uptown6″7-1/4″”6″.55
8″ Uptown8″9-1/4″8″.9