Round CAP & BASE Styles

Round CAP/BASE Styles

Each Superior Aluminum round fluted column comes with multiple cap and base options. Each style is available in all diameters from 8″ to 24″. 6″ round columns exclusively feature standard style and 30″ round columns exclusively feature Doric style. Each customer can put their own little touch on a project with their choice of multiple cap and base styles.

Round Standard Cap or Base

Scamozzi Cap Only

Doric Cap or Base

Corinthian Cap Only

Round CAP/BASE Types

All cap and base styles are available in one-piece configurations in all sizes. For wrap-around applications, standard and Doric styles can be made in the puzzle-lock style for all sizes. Standard style 6″ and 8″ columns can also be complemented with the polymer composite snap-together base, a low-cost alternative to aluminum caps and bases.

One Piece Slip-Over

Aluminum Puzzle Lock

Polymer Composite